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17. January, 2012newsletter

Dear Customer –

In summer 2010 you were sent a letter stating that you had until January 1, 2011 to have your thermal expansion tank installed on your water heater.

Extra time has been allotted, but now we must move forward with our Cross Connection Control Program, which requires that dual check valves be installed in your water meter.  If you HAVE NOT INSTALLED your thermal expansion tank it can cause a safety issue when the dual check valve is installed.

Signs of thermal expansion danger could be spikes in water pressure andxxx/or the pop-off valve on your water heater failing (which would mean water draining from the water heater) – if the pop-off valve on your water heater doesn’t work correctly, it can cause the water heater to explode.  Please be aware of these dangers andxxx get your thermal expansion tank installed immediately.

Should you have questions, please  call our office at 618.498.9534 during regular business hours.

Jersey County Rural Water Company, Incorporated