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New Water Rate Schedule - Effective Feb 1, 2023

Dear Jersey County Rural Water Customer:

The Illinois Commerce Commission has approved a rate case with our wholesale water supplier, Illinois American, for a 49% increase in rates. This combined with dramatic increases in other essential services including materials, chemicals, testing supplies, fuel, electric and all the other operational expenses have necessitated that we examine our rates. Jersey County Rural Water has kept costs down and we have not had a rate increase since 2017. We have held off raising our rates as long as possible hoping that
these increases would stabilize but they have not. We do realize that our customers are also experiencing these same astronomical increases in the cost of living and as such we are very cognizant of the burdens we all face. JCRW has already absorbed new Quality Infrastructure Improvement charges from Illinois American since the last increase in 2017. We at Jersey County Rural Water Company take rate increases very seriously but we simply cannot absorb any more financial impacts without making adjustments accordingly. Like you, all of the Board of Directors are customers of Jersey County Rural Water so we do understand the importance of being
mindful of the impact on us all. The Board of Directors is looking at an option for purchasing water from a different supplier in the future. Until then, we will have a new rate schedule effective February 1, 2023. We strive to provide the best possible service at a reasonable price and we do appreciate your understanding in this matter.

The Board of Directors
Jersey County Rural Water Company, Incorporated

For a copy of the rate schedule increase, click here.