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JCRW Recommendations/Regulations

  1. We recommend a 1” line from the meter to the house on a standxxxard meter installation 5/8” x ¾” meter when distance is less than 300 feet. The 1” line should be rated at 200 psi. Consultation with a licensed plumber is recommended to ensure proper meter andxxx line sizing based on number of plumbing fixtures used in service.
  2. Connection to the meter/meter yoke inside white tube is NOT the connection point. The connection point is OUTSIDE the white plastic tile on a 12” to 18” long pig tail. Pig tail is 1” copper tube size polyethylene 200 psi on s 5/8” x ¾” meter. The depth range of pig tail is 34” to 42” deep only.
  3. Many areas in system require a pressure regulator to reduce the pressure to 55 psi for safe household operation. A regulator will be provided at time of installation if necessary but must be put inside basement or crawl space after a gate valve. Only one regulator will be provided on initial setting up of meter.
  4. A thermal expansion tank is required inside the house due to Jersey County Rural Water Company, Inc. meter yoke having a dual check valve. Environmental Protection Agency regulations require dual check valve as part of our Cross-Connection program. Houses with boilers, pools, irrigation systems may require reduced principal backflow preventors which must be inspected by a licensed Cross-Connection plumber. If you have questions, please contact a Cross-Connection certified plumber or Jersey County Rural Water Company, Inc.

Over 90% of our meters are remote control readers to avoid human error. The TouchRead meters are very accurate, however, care must be taken when opening meter lid to keep the wiring intact to ensure proper operation. The customer is allowed to shut the meter on or off, but a valve in the basement is the best way to shut off the house. Tampering with the meter, locks or altering of the meter yoke is punishable by law andxxx fines can exceed $500.00, plus court costs andxxx damages. Charges will also be filed with the State Attorney’s office. If you need assistance, please contact Jersey County Rural Water Company, Inc. rather than risking damage to the meter. The customer is only allowed to turn the meter off andxxx on to shut off their water in case of emergencies. It is important to replace meter lid andxxx lock to avoid accidents andxxx the meter freezing in the winter.